Psychotherapy for children
Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie - Psychotherapie - Naturheilkunde
Dr. med. Katrin Edelmann
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About our procedure

Contact via telephone

To make an appointment you can contact us via telephone or e-mail or you can visit us in our practice. We will offer you an initial interview together with your child to gather important information and to plan further steps.

Mailing of questionnaires


Before this first appointment in our practice you will receive two questionnaires by mail containing questions about the current set of problems and about the development and the medical history of your child. This helps us answer more quickly and precisely your questions and needs without overly straining the patience of your child. We then will be able to concentrate even more on essential continuative questions during the sessions.

Initial interview

During this first session one of our medical specialists will discuss your concerns together with you and your son or daughter and will make a first evaluation.

We will do this with the utmost respect of your child and his or her feelings. The setting during this conversation is up to you - the whole family together or parents and child one after the other. To make this decision, the needs of your child play an important role. Usually though, even an overly anxious child will quickly develop trust and ease into the situation.

During this session we will gather all available information, including the yellow examination booklet and previous reports. If you already have medical reports, evaluations from psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists or the like, please bring them along to the initial interview. Please also think of bringing in your health insurance card that we need for our billing. A referral of your paediatrician or your general practitioner is only needed for adolescents over 18 years.

For children under 12 we like to offer - depending on the issues - a short neurological examination that will allow an assessment of motor skills, fine motor skills, equilibrium and coordination. Throughout the examination your child will remain fully clothed.

Towards the end of the initial interview we will consider and plan further steps together, for example a psycological diagonistic testing and, if at this point already conceivable, possible treatment or counseling offers or the prescription of an eventually necessary speech or occupational therapy.

Diagonistic phase

The diagnostic phase usually consists of two, sometimes three sessions and will be conducted by an experienced therapist for children and adolescents in our practice. Diagnostic testing can consist of a developmental and an intelligence diagnostic, a partial performance diagnostic as well as a checkup of the auditive and visual perception. This will always include an emotional diagnostic and often a family diagnostic.

Test-review session

With younger children the evaluation of the tests after the diagnostic phase will usually be done with the parent or parents without the presence of the child. With older children or adolescents this can be done - according to your liking - just with the parent or parents, or as a family session. Naturally grandparents, kindergarden or schoolteachers are welcome to participate at this meeting, should this be your wish.

In the review-session, following the diagnostics you will get detailed counseling about the possible causal relations regarding the problems of your child. We will provide you with solution-oriented options to resolve these difficulties, for example by giving you a treatment outline. These treatments vary individually - they can include individual- or grouptheraphy, systems family therapy including some or all family members, coaching for parents, parenting workshops as well as body-focused treatments like osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy or kinesiological treatments. Should there be the indication and the necessity we will discuss additional medication ranging from the traditional orthodox medicine to herbal and homeopathic drugs.

In some cases, after a completed diagnostic and review there will be no further requirement for treatment or consulting. Should the need arise later on, we will be glad to offer you an appointment anytime.


Should we reach the conclusion that there is an indication for treatment and should you and your son or daughter approve of our treatment options, you can make further appointments with us. We strictly work on an open treatment contract - which means that at the beginning of the therapy we will not predetermine the length of the treatment. Especially with children and adolescents this seems more sensible, according to our experience. Children, teenager and young adults often react more quickly with positive change to a treatment than adults. The frequency of the sessions and the length of therapy will be discussed between you and us and will be individually adapted to the situation.

Since we are working in a resource- and solutionfocused way and try to include parents or family members it becomes effective to have sessions at intervals every couple of weeks. Wether or not the whole treatment consists of a few appointments or will be continued for years will be our joint decision. As parents you are our most important partner in the cooperation for the well-being of your child. We will council you extensively regarding the different treatment options and we can decide together on the best possible options for your child.

Cost coverage

All psychotherapeutic sessions, including the initial interview, the psychological diagnostic testing and all of the counseling appointments will be paid in full by the compulsory or private health insurances. This includes:

  • Individual counseling
  • Counseling for parents
  • Family therapy
  • Psychotherapeutic children's therapy
  • Group therapy
  • All medical examinations

For all of the above listed there will be no additional cost for you, all we need is your health insurance card once every quarter in which appointments have been made.

In addition to these benefits paid by your health insurance, our private practice offers holistic treatment methods (osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, energetic psychotherapy, kinesiology, brain gym) as individual healthservices that we will charge privately.

Since these methods usually don't call for more than five to seven appointments the costs will be manageable. Focusing on the individual problems of your child we will be pleased to suggest different therapeutic options or a combination thereof.

The latter - a combined approach of psychotherapeutic methods and body-focused therapy often proves to be the most effective and successful.

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