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Systems family constellations group for parents

Family constellations

Systems family constellations work is a method of family oriented brief therapy. It can be done in individual therapy with figurines or in the form of a group. This method is applied within the scope of family therapy and business consulting since about 25 years. We are experiencing family since the day of our birth. Primarily in the form of our family of orign with our parents and siblings and later on with our partner and our own children (our current family). Sometimes, after e.g. separation there will be other partners.

As individual as we might be as people, we share the experience of being embedded in family attachments and bonds from our very first day. This net of relationships with all its visible and invisible influences shapes us up to a certain degree. The effects can be of very different nature, can be experienced as positive or problematic.

Doing family constellations in a group, members of your own family will be represented by participants of the group. Underlying subconscious causes for current problems might surfaceand help with a deeper understanding, for example of the problems of a child. In the following process the root of the problem will be identified more clearly and solution options will emerge.

The systems family constellations group has proven to be a highly effective method since decades for the solution of problems regarding family relations and symptoms of children. We suggest family constellations as an additional treatment embedded in a long-term counseling or family therapy.

Most likely we will have a systems family constellations group starting September 2008. We will meet for workshops taking place every four weeks on a friday morning. The length of a group session is about 3 hours. After signing up, mothers and fathers as well as both parents are welcome. Should one partner be able to attend only a few sessions, this will be possible when the other parent is totally comitted.

The number of participants can be up to 20 persons, since for this form of joint work enough representatives for family members should be available. This group will be led through all sessions by Dr. Edelmann who will also accompany and support the individual processes. Furthermore the group is very helpful by giving positive attention and by sharing your emotions throughout the process. All participants will have the opportunity to present their own family situation in one of the 5 sessions. But of course we would like to point out that this is not a requirement to participate- just making the experience of acting as a representative in the line-up of other group members can be very moving and enriching.

The group extremely helps in the understanding of the complex multitude of familial relations and invisible bonds. This experience will help in the everyday life with children, the partner and other family members like the own parents.

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