Psychotherapy for children
Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie - Psychotherapie - Naturheilkunde
Dr. med. Katrin Edelmann
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Emotional diagnostics

The emotional diagnostic testing includes a multitude of tests that will be partly done in conversation with and without additives e.g. figurines, pen and paper, pictures and so forth. With older children and adolescents we use additional questionnaires for self-evaluation.


Our primary goal is to get to know your child with all his/her hopes, sorrows, wishes and anxieties. We would like to know more about how your son or daughter perceives their essential realms like school, leisure time, family, friends and his- or herself, as well as where change would be welcome. The emotional diagnostics can deliver important indications for the causes and the understanding of a present problem in order to select the right combination of treatment methods.

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