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Diagnostic methods


Starting with the initial interview we will gather important diagnostic indications in the direct contact with your son or daughter, supported by the valuable information supplied by you as parents.

Usually though, there will be the need for more extensive psychological diagnostics whose contents and details will be defined in agreement with you and your child.

For a deeper understanding we would like to introduce our diagnostical methods:

Neurological examination

In the context of a special examination the development of motor skills, fine motor skills, the equilibrium and the coordination can be assessed.
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Intelligence diagnostics

An intelligence diagnostic can, according to the issues in question, include the assesment of singulary functions regarding logical thinking or else multiple dimensions of intellectual capability in the sense of a performance profile.
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Partial performance diagnostics

In the context of a partial performance diagnostic, for example to evaluate school performance problems, we offer a grade-specific performance assessment including the reading-, writing- or also the mathematical skills of your child.
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Emotional diagnostics

The emotional diagnostic includes a multitude of tests that will be partly done in conversation with and without additives e.g. figurines, pen and paper, pictures and so forth.
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With the help of questionnaires for parents and teachers important information about the behaviour of your child in different circumstances can be gathered.
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