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Cranio-sacral therapy

This gentle, yet very effective manual form of body-focused therapy has been developed in the United States out of osteopathy some thirty years ago. The name evolves out of the term cranium (latin for scull) and sacrum (latin for sacral-bone). The cranio-sacral system includes the bone structures of the skull, the spinal column and the sacral bone as well as the meninges and the spinal marrow and the liquor.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

With his/her hands the therapist will mainly treat the head, shoulder and neck area and the back and pelvic area. With this treatment existing blockades can be dissolved and a deep muscular relaxation of the whole body will be achieved. The flexibility of the cranial bones, of the meninges and the spinal marrow will be enhanced and the rhytmn of the liquorflow will be optimized. The functioning of the central nervous system is improved, perception is supported and a positive body awareness is facilitated. The autonomous nervous system is supported in its ability of self-regulation. Cranio-sacral therapy affects all levels - body, mind and emotion in a balancing way and therefor is a holistic treatment method.

During the session the child or the adolescent remains fully clothed and for the most part stays on his/her back on a massage table. If the child does not want to lie down and prefers to stay in motion, this need can be respected and the treatment will be adapted accordingly. Mostly though, children, teenagers and adults alike enjoy this method and without problems get accustomed to the treatment within a short time.

Generally 5 to 7 treatment sessions are enough to achieve sustained success for older children, adolescents and adults. Usuallly the sessions takte place every 2 to 4 weeks. With babies and infants just a single treatment session often shows surprising effects.

If desired, we offer a joined mother-child treatment in a prolonged session, where both get treated one after the other (of course this is also available for the father or both parents ). Expecially for babies and very small children this form of treatment has proved to be very helpful. The infants sense the relaxation of the mother and react quickly and positively.

Cranio-sacral therapy is effectively applied with:

  • hyperactivity
  • attention deficit disorder
  • concentration problems
  • partial performance disorders
    - difficulties in reading
    - difficulties in writing dyslexia
    - difficulties in mathematics
  • nervousness
  • inner restlesness
  • impulsive behaviour
  • sleeping disorders
  • aggressive behaviour
  • language development difficulties
  • ongoing crying with babies
  • developmental retardations
    - of motor skills or fine motor skills
    - of coordination
    - of the equilibrium
  • tics
  • stress symproms
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • muscular hypertension/hypotension
  • malpositions
  • scoliosis
  • backaches
  • shoulder and neck tensions
  • emotional problems
  • depressions
  • unspecific anxieties
  • rejection of the own body

We ususally suggest a combination of psychotherapeutic methods and craniosacral therapy (eventually in addition to other treatment methods) for a multitude of the above mentioned problems. Cranio-sacral therapy can be administered concurrently with various other methods but also as the sole treatment. Possibly the anamnesis offers hints leading to the suggestion to combine therapy with osteopathy. This might be the case after a forceps or suction cup birth, accidents, trauma or with developmental delay in in infancy.

More information about craniosacral therapy in the special chapter "cranio" for babies and infants....

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