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Baby consulting hour

Baby consulting hour

With newborns and babies there often are various problems that continue to exist even after a visit of the paediatrician and that cannot be treated sufficiently with the methods of the orthodox medicine. These include ongoing crying of the baby, colics, sleeping disorders, insufficient drinking, constant spewing while drinking, problems with swallowing, a preferred posture or a retardation in the development of motorskills, a tendency for middle ear infection, strabismus or asymetrics of the scull. Besides the regular preventive checkups for infants that we strongly suggest, also these symptoms should first be examined by a paediatrician. Thus an organic disorder can be excluded that needs to be treated medically.

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In our baby consultation hour we offer you a broad spectrum of holistic treatment options, together we will develop a treatment plan that will be individually adapted to your and your babie´s needs. First, we will ask you to describe the symptoms, give us detailed information about your pregnancy, birth and your current situation and together we will look at possible strains. We will closely monitor the behaviour of your baby and will establish contact in order to develop trust. A first body- exam of your baby will take place in the initial session, your baby permitting. We can offer you coaching for parents, cranio-sacral therapy, osteopathy and homeopathic treatment methods - means that often have proven to be most successful with babies and infants.

In the chapter about holistic therapy you will find descriptions of the methods applied in cranio-sacral therapy and osteopathy. The following explanations will apply especially to the treatments of babies and infants.

Osteopathy for babies and infants

The visit of an osteopath with your baby will help with the recognition and the treatment of dysfunctions that can be resulting out of pregnancy, birth or other external influences.
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Cranio-sacral therapy for babies and infants

The cranio-sacral treatment of a baby will take place in a quiet atmosphere, your presence and closeness ensuring your babies sense of safety.
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Homeopathic treatment for babies

The treatment of babies and infants can be supported by the administration of homeopathic medicine to lessen the disturbances. This has proven to be effective for example with sleeping disorders, colics, insufficient milk for breastfeeding or breastinfection, a tendency for infections of the baby and teething problems.

Causes for symptoms during infancy

To give you a clear picture about possible connections in the following we will explain some typical causal complexes for symptoms during infancy. These disturbances may even carry on throughout childhood and adolescense.
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Babies and infants:
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