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Causes for symptoms during infancy

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To give you a clear picture about possible connections, in the following we will explain some typical causal complexes for symptoms during infancy. These disturbances may even carry on throughout childhood and adolescense.

Possible consequences of a normal birth

The head of a baby is perfectly adjusted for the impact of pressure of a normal birth. The physical forces further a shift of the cranial bones into a conical shape that subsequently will balance out. Still, even with a normal birth effusions, sprains and irritations in the area of the cerebral nerves, the tissue and the bone structure of skull and spinal cord can occur. These can foster long lasting functional disturbances regarding motor skills, perception and the psychological state of the baby and infant. These dysfunctions can be dissolved or lessened by an expert osteopathic or cranio-sacral therapeutic intervention.

Premature birth

Premature babies who suffered lesions in the pulmonary furcation area due to artificial respiration can be treated with osteopathy. Often there also will be lesions in the area of the back of the head, because the cervix of the mother is more tight due to premature delivery. Here osteopathy as well as cranio-sacral therapy can be effective treatments to resolve structural and functional disturbances. Premature babies often endure a considerable psychological strain because of the necceary medical interventions in the hospital. Additionally the temporary separation of the mother and the sorrows and anxieties of the parents will influence the baby. Cranio-sacral therapy, eventually combined with a homeopathic treatment and counseling for the parent or parents can very effective.

Suction cup birth

By using a suction cup (vaccum-extraction) the infantile scull is exposed to extremely strong physical forces that can lead to traumatization of the soft cranial bones and the underlying membranes. There is a heightened possibility of haematomas in the area of the scull where the suction cup has been placed. For all babies with vaccum extraction we strongly suggest examination and treatment by osteopaths and eventually a cranio-sacral therapy, nonregarding the symptoms.

Forceps birth

During a contraction the head of the baby will be clasped with the forceps and gets pulled out of the birth canal. There will be high compressive stress or the lateral cranial bones leading to lesions. This can later on lead to structural and functional disturbances in the area of the cervical spine, the base of the scull and the facial nerves. Osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy would be the treaments of choice.

KISS-syndrome an abbreviation for Kinematic Imbalance due to Suboccipital Strain and describes a malposition in the area of the cervical spine. Possible indications for KISS-syndrome would be: One-sided body posture, malposition of the head, heightened tactile sensibility of the neck-area. A connection to disturbances like colicing, constant crying, a tendency towards hyperactive behaviour, headaches and backaches is suspected. Osteoapthy and cranio-sacral therapy offer effective treatment methods.

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