Psychotherapy for children
Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie - Psychotherapie - Naturheilkunde
Dr. med. Katrin Edelmann
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Holistic children's therapy
for babies up to adolescents

In our practice you have found the right professional partner to discuss all of your questions and concerns regarding the development, behaviour or emotional well-being of your child or teenager in any realm of their existence. In our unique atmosphere of a historical castle we will evaluate present problems of your son or daughter and will help you to develop solutions together with us.

Psychotherapy Therapy for children Psychiatry

Our practice not only is the competent personal contact for all psychological and social concerns of children, we treat babies and infants as well as adolescents and young adults up to 21 years. As an offer to our international clients, therapy and treatments are available in english, turkish, french and italian.

We are an experienced team of professionals with different backgrounds:

  • Five medical specialists for psychiatry and psychotherapy for children and adolescents
  • Eight psychotherapists for children and adolescents and family therapists
  • Two osteopaths
  • Three cranio-sacral therapists and
  • Two kinesiologists

We specialize in offering you an extensive choice of traditional as well as modern effective therapy methods that not only focus on the individual spirit and the family system, but also take the body into consideration with a holistic approach. After extensive diagnostics and discussion we can offer you - provided that there should be the necessity - psychotherapeutic treatments in the form of individual therapy, parental coaching, family therapy and group therapy as well as workshops for parents in our practice. We further offer holistic treatments in the form of energetic psychtotherapy, kinesiology and cranio-sacral therapy as means of body-focused methods.

Whether you are concerned about the school performance of your child or teenager, about concentration problems, distractibility or little motivation to learn, we offer counseling and therapeutic solutions. If you worry about your child meeting the requirements in subjects like german or mathematics, we can help. Especially with lively children questions arise how to deal with lack of attention or a tendency for impulsive behaviour and how to ensure that no problems develop out of these behaviours in the school or social surroundings. Some children appear depressed or scared and parents wonder what is wrong and how they can help. Around these mentioned topics as with general self-esteem problems we offer approved methods of treatment.

Many parents are challenged by the distinct willpower of their children and would like to have means to create a smoothly run, positive family life. We offer help to enhance the atmosphere in the family, which may be affected by ongoing conflicts between siblings on a long term basis. We also provide therapeutic support in situations where your child has to adjust to new situations like separation or divorce - helping your child with the long term processing of this subject and coaching you as parent or parents in this phase. These are only a few examples that show the diversity of requests that parents, children, adolescents and families bring into our practice. For more details, please look under indications.

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